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    China Textile Academy (CTA) was founded in 1956 as an affiliated institute to the former Ministry of Textile Industry. CTA was later transformed in 1999 as a state-owned large-size high-tech enterprises group under the direct leadership of the central government. In the year of 2009, CTA merged into the China General Technology Group and became a subordinate company of the Group.
     CTA is the largest comprehensive research institute in China’ s textile industry, the National Engineering Research Center of Synthetic Fiber, the National Engineering Research Center of Industrial Textile and State Key Laboratory of Bio-based Fiber Manufacturing Technology are all affiliated to CTA. CTA has served as the leading entity and secretariat for Strategic Alliance for Technology Innovation in Fiber Industry as approved by The Ministry of Science and Technology. Furthermore, CTA has undertaken and fulfilled the programs of innovation and service infrastructure for textile technology, including Shaoxing Innovation and Service Infrastructure for Textile Industry and Innovation and Service Infrastructure for Textile Standard and Testing. CTA owns some important public resources to serve the whole industry, such as the Productivity Promotion Center of Textile Industry, China National Textiles Supervision Testing Center, Standardization Institute of Textile Industry and China National Textile Metrology Station.
     CTA has always stayed with the principle of promoting and guiding the development of China’s textile industry by providing strong support in science and technology since its foundation. It has become the leading power in motivating the technological advancement, transforming and upgrading of textile industry.  In recent years, CTA has deepened and strengthened its reform and has built up a two-level (group and sub-company) R & D system. The R & D system now has a highly innovative research team with a high level of academic record and is lead by a group of excellent professionals with a rich wealth of industrial experience. CTA mainly focused its R & D pursuit on the common, key and future-oriented technologies in the industry and has undertaken a great number of state key projects. CTA has made a serious of significant breakthrough in some key technologies and won more than 200 national and ministerial awards of science and technology advancement. CTA has established an efficient cooperation mechanism with enterprises and universities to jointly motivate the innovation and promote the industrialization of scientific achievement.  CTA has been providing extensive services for the whole industry and cluster region by providing technical consultancy in textile standards, metrology, testing, certification and so on. CTA has three core business areas: equipment manufacturing and engineering service for textile and chemical fiber, high-tech textile material, textile chemical and bio-technology. With the constantly technical modification, technical innovation and expansion of its production capability, CTA has maintained a strong developing momentum in terms of its core competitiveness and market share both nationally and internationally in recent years. As a result, CTA’s overall reputation is consistently strengthened within the industry.  In 2008, CTA received an honourable award of being nominated as the Innovative Enterprise by the Ministry of Science and Technology, State-Owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of State Council (SASAC) and the All China Federation of Trade Union (ACFTU) etc.
     In the process of more than 50 year’s development, CTA has not only established very close cooperation and extensive contact with some important textile enterprise and universities nationwide, but also established and maintained successful relationship of exchange and cooperation with UN, as well as almost 100 prestigious companies, universities and research institutes in about 20 countries, realizing the win-win development with cooperative partners.
     Looking to the future, CTA will continue to strive in improving the Chinese textile industry with its strong technical force. CTA’s goal is to become the top developing base of textile technology and high-tech enterprises group worldwide, and make great contribution towards transforming China’ s textile industry into one of the textile power in the world.
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